A student services and/ or academic support division is an integral part of a student journey and hence, plays a major role in student enrolment, retention, successful progression and completion. To successfully fulfill this role, a student services and/or an academic support division must adopt and adapt to the changes affecting higher education landscape and to the needs and requirements of the 21st century student. This 3- days ‘hands- on’ program is designed to facilitate and elicit answers to the following questions: How can an institution establish a student services/ academic support divisions that is adept and responsive to change? How can student services/ academic support plan and successfully apply operational excellence and innovation tools to deliver sustainable outcomes? How can student services/ academic support adapt technology to facilitate access and increase its efficiency and effectiveness? How can a student services division/ academic support develop student-centric culture, and synergize its efforts with other academic and administrative units to achieve common goals? What are the core competencies required for student services/ / academic support leaders and professionals to drive a successful and nimble student services division? This three-day program will address these questions and others in an interactive way providing opportunities for the participants to share experiences and work in teams to address both internal and external challenges. The program will also expose participants to best practice tools, techniques and cases from institutions adopting various strategies to redefine, integrate and improve their student services / academic support. Target Audience

  • Deans, Directors & staff working in Student Services (career counselling, student clubs & activities
  • Deans, Directors & staff working in Academic support Services (academic advising, tutoring , writing centers)
  • Deans, Directors and staff working in Admissions and Registration offices
  • Directors of Alumni offices
  • Deans of Library and librarians