Webinar on ChatGPT in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges

Date: 3rd October, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM – 15:00 PM UAE Time

Early Bird Fee: 367 AED (100 USD)
(for registration fully completed prior to September 14, 2023)

Workshop Fee : 460 AED (125 USD)
(for registration after September 14, 2023)

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Webinar Overview

The impact of ChatGPT on higher education has been instant and very controversial. Although many are advocating its applications in higher education, many universities have already banned fearing the impact it has on academic integrity, and some countries have blocked it. The aim of this short online session is to introduce participants to how higher education is being transformed by AI and by ChatGPT in specific.  How this conversational tool can be used and what opportunities and challenges it brings along. The session will also tackle how teaching staff and students can develop effective prompt to improve their teaching and learning activities.


Webinar Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the main applications of Artificial Intelligence and specifically ChatGPT within the higher education context
  2. Reflect on the opportunities, challenges and ethical implications presented by ChatGPT
  3. Integrate the use of ChatGPT in teaching, learning, research and beyond
  4. Practice the effective ChatGP prompts in the sector of higher education.
  5. Know the key considerations that HEIs and academic should take into account when using ChatGPT

Key Topics

  • Higher Education in the Age of AI: Generative AI and ChatGPT
  • What is ChatGPT & How could it transform Higher Education
  • Applications and uses of ChatGPT in Higher Education (opportunities)
  • ChatGPT: Challenges and ethical implications
  • Practical ways/ examples of using ChatGPT in:
  • Making ChatGPT part of Teaching and learning:
  • Creating content of courses
  • Creating assessment – rethinking assessment
  • Research:
  • Creating research proposals
  • Getting support for grant proposals
  • Others
  • Crafting effective ChatGPT prompts (practical session)
  • Recommendations for adapting to ChatGPT in your institution.


Dr. Randa Mikati

Senior Educational Technologist & CLICKS International Associate