Academic advising plays an important role in guiding students academically throughout their university journey, helping them plan their degree in accordance to their interest and abilities, assisting them in evaluating their academic progress and enriching their overall academic experience; to that extend this program is designed to enhance academic advisors skills to ensure both the quality academic advising and its relevance to students.

Key topics covered in this program include:

  • Academic Advising in HE: What is it and why it matters?
  • Data Informed Academic Advising
  • Students and Academic Advisors ‘ Expectations and required skills
  • Strategies and standards for successful academic advising
  • Motivating academic advisors and students
  • Common Challenges for Students and Advisors
  • Other support functions and student support
  • Planning and delivering academic advising
  • Policies and resources for academic advising
  • Making the most out of technology
  • Advising students with academic difficulties
  • Assessing the effectiveness of academic advising

Target Audience
New and experienced academic advisors working in HEIs.