Dr. Lee Pheiffer

Dr. Lee Pheiffer is the Deputy Director Academic at Middlesex University Mauritius. She is responsible for ensuring that the high standards of academic quality at the university are maintained, and further developed, through engagement with all aspects of academic life at the branch campus.  Lee has a long history of working in education and training in various countries, more specifically in Southern Africa and the Middle East region, including in Oman, Bahrain and Egypt. She has fulfilled a number of different strategic roles and functions related to quality assurance in higher education, academic staff development and the development and maintenance of Qualification Frameworks in South Africa, Namibia and Oman.  She has conducted commissioned research in higher education for various organisations, including a university in Mozambique.  In her quality assurance role, she has developed quality management systems, at an institutional level as well as at a national level.  During her time as a consultant, she has also worked extensively with industry in the development of frameworks for training. Her doctoral studies focused on the institutionalization of RPL in universities. Her research interest focuses on teaching and learning, assessment and policy.