Dr. Mohamed Al-Eraky


Dr. Al-Eraky has Masters in medical education from Dundee University (UK) and PhD in health professions education (HPE) from Maastricht University (The Netherlands) on: FacultyDevelopment for Medical Professionalism.

Dr. Al-Eraky has contributed to planning, tutoring and assessment and supervision in different Master and PhD programs in HPE in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, UK and the Netherlands over the past 11 years. Also, he acted as a project manager and a team leader of 250+ faculty members for various academic initiatives to advance the practices of: clinical teaching, field training, student support, professional exams, active learning, students’ portfolio, project-based learning and virtual patients (VP).

Dr. Al-Eraky has been a co-author, a reviewer, and a member of the editorial board in top medical education journals, including Medical Teacher, Medical Education, MedEd Publish (ofAMEE), Academic Medicine, BMC Medical Education, Teaching & Learning in Medicine, Medical Education online, and others. Dr. Al-Eraky has been a member of the ‘Ottawa Consensus Group
on the Assessment of Professionalism’, which published their recommendations in Medical Teacher 2010 and in 2019. Dr. Al-Eraky is an international scholar with a wide spectrum of publications ranging from invited commentaries, original articles and innovations coined by him and his research team, mainly in the domains of medical professionalism (e.g. Four-Gates Model), curriculum development (e.g. Curriculum Navigator), faculty development (e.g. Compass Model), and assessment (e.g. Assessment Orbits). Some of these models are being used as theoretical frameworks in international postgraduate programs in HPE.

Dr. Al-Eraky has designed and conducted presentations, courses and workshops in international conferences over the past 15 years in the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Pakistan, China and Malaysia.