CLICKS’s professional coaches are committed to helping academic and administrative leaders working in the higher edcuation sector achieve their personal and institutional development goals through helping them discover what leadership means within their specific context and they can unlock their leadership potential. Our coaching program is designed specifically to address both personal and institutional needs.

Overall, the Executive Coaching Program (ECP) aims at addressing executive challenges, organizational behaviors, and effective leadership through assigning coaches that facilitate a confidential, learning conversation, in which leaders are involved in articulating the impact they want to make at their institution, develop visions to achieve their goals, and overcome obstacles preventing them from achieving their leadership potential.

The coach acts as a neutral and independent “thinking partner”, using effective questioning and listening skills, and both encouraging and challenging the leader in order to develop understanding and commitment to action.

More specifically the ECP is designed to support individuals by:

  1. Helping them recognize their own personal strengths and overcoming any weaknesses they may have
  2. Expounding their values and beliefs
  3. Helping them create a leadership vision
  4. Assisting them in unlocking their leadership potential and capabilities
  5. Supporting them in linking their institution’s strategic objectives to their work and own personal goals
  6. Listening deeply and asking powerful questions
  7. Engaging them in practicing reflection, self-observation, and self-correction
  8. Helping them learn how to “champion” their team members
  9. Aiding them to build consensus and negotiating difficult interactions
  10. Overcoming challenges they may encounter (both personal or institutional level) and managing changes

Structure of the Program

The Executive Coaching Program runs for 12 weeks once during the Fall semester (October) and once during the Spring Semesters (March). A minimum of 10 participants is required to start the program- these may be from within the same institution or from across different institutions. Special sessions may run in summer upon request if the minimum number needed is achieved.

The Program includes:

1) Weekly coaching virtual meetings during which participants meet one-on-one for one hour each week with their Coach. During the first couple of meetings goals and outcomes for the entire program are determined.

2) Small-Group Interactive Webinars:  4 skill-based interactive coaching webinars for small groups of university leaders to learn and support one another to practice the skills needed to become effective leaders.

Program Individual Faculty Institution Cost (group of 10)
12-Week Leadership Coaching Program 2,300 USD 20,500 USD