Face to Face Workshop on Assuring Quality Across the Student Life Cycle

Date: 27th & 28th September, 2023
Time: 09:00 AM – 16:30 PM KSA Time

Early Bird Fee: 2125 SAR (566USD)
(for registration fully completed prior to August 27, 2023)

Workshop Fee: 2500 SAR (666 USD)
(for registration after August 27, 2023)

Venue: Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, KSA


Workshop Overview

This workshop jointly organized by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) on Assuring Quality Across the Student Life Cycle is designed to provide professionals working in quality assurances as well as academic and student support leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure and enhance the quality of education throughout the entire student life cycle. This comprehensive workshop will cover various aspects of quality assurance across the student life cycle focusing on key stages from admission to graduation. Participants will gain insights into best practices, strategies, and tools to effectively manage and improve quality in higher education institutions.

The workshop can incorporate specific references to the UK QAA’s Quality Code for Higher Education and the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), and the Saudi NCAAA standard, ensuring that the workshop content aligns with the expectations and requirements set forth by these regulatory bodies. By incorporating these guidelines into the workshop, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of quality assurance practices that are in line with the UK QAA, European standards, KSA NCAAA enabling them to effectively apply the concepts and strategies in their respective institutions. The workshop can include discussions on specific criteria, indicators, and best practices outlined in these guidelines, and provide participants with practical examples and case studies.


Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend the fundamental concepts and frameworks of quality assurance in higher education.
  • Determine the various quality dimensions related to the student life cycle in the specific context of institutions.
  • Evaluate and improve key stages of the student life cycle, such as admissions, teaching and learning, student support services, and graduation processes.
  • Utilize data to make informed decisions and implement quality improvement initiatives.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement within their institutions, promoting a proactive approach to enhancements.
  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders to implement quality assurance initiatives across the student life cycle.

Structure of Workshop

Day 1

Session (1) Understanding the Student Life Cycle and Quality Assurance in Higher Education

  • Overview of quality, quality assurance and quality enhancement
  • Quality assurance frameworks including the KSA NCAAA, the UK QAA and the European Standards Guidelines.
  • The importance of quality assurance in universities
  • Role of key stakeholders in quality assurance
  • What is a student life cycle and what is its significance?
  • Stages of the student life cycle
  • Understanding the relevance and application of quality assurance throughout the various stages of the student life cycle

Session (2) Governance and Regulations in the Context of Quality Assuring the Student Life Cycle

  • Understanding Academic Policies and Regulations
  • Planning and performance assessment
  • Accreditation and compliance requirements- How to navigate these?
  • Institutional governance and decision-making processes (emphasis on student voice) Policy
  • Development and Implementation
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements
  • Common challenges related to QA

Session (3) Safeguarding Quality in Admissions and Enrollment

  • Admission processes and criteria
  • Evaluating and improving admission procedures
  • Enhancing diversity and inclusivity in the admission process
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements

Session (4) Enhancing Quality in Teaching and Learning

  • Curriculum design and development
  • Teaching methods and pedagogical approaches
  • Student assessment and feedback
  • Technology integration
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements


Day 2

Session (5) Quality Assurance in Student Support Services

  • Academic advising, counseling and mentoring programs
  • Student support systems
  • Student engagement and satisfaction surveys
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirement

Session (6) Monitoring and Evaluating Student Progress

  • Tracking student performance and progress
  • Barriers to student success
  • Early intervention strategies
  • Supporting struggling students
  • Enhancing Student Engagement and Retention
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements

Session (7) Ensuring Quality in Graduation and Alumni Engagement

  • Graduation requirements and processes
  • Alumni engagement programs and activities
  • Tracking graduate outcomes and success
  • Alumni feedback and input
  • Alumni mentoring and support
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements

Session (8) Implementing an Institutional Culture of Quality Improvement

  • Developing a culture of continuous improvement
  • Using data and analytics for decision-making
  • Monitoring and closing the quality loop
  • Best practices for implementing quality improvement projects


The workshop will include interactive activities, case studies, group discussions, and practicalexercises to encourage participant engagement and application of concepts learned.


Target Audience

The workshop may be relevant to:

  • Presidents, VPs, Provosts and Senior Administrators
  • Directors, Managers and Staff working in QA and Institutional Effectiveness Offices
  • Deans and Vice Deans of Colleges
  • Deans and Directors of Student Support Units/ divisions


Dr. Narimane Hadj-Hamou

Founder and CEO, CLICKS, UAE

Dr. Tullio Lobetti

QAA Associate