Face to Face Workshop on Building an Effective Academic Advising System in Support of Student Success

Date: 11th & 12th October, 2023
Time: 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM UAE Time

Early Bird Fee: 2125 AED (578USD)
(for registration fully completed prior to September 11, 2023)

Workshop Fee : 2500 AED (680 USD)
(for registration after September 11, 2023)

Venue: Hotel Pullman Creek City Center, Dubai, UAE

Workshop Overview

Academic advising plays a pivotal role in helping new university students adjust to a new environment, clarifying expectations, strengthening the affiliation with the university, interpreting the higher education experience to students and making the overall learning experience both enjoyable and successful. As students’ progress in their programs of study, advising continues to play an important role in helping them make sound decisions about courses’ selection, internship, project selection, career goals and paths, etc. Effective advising is also a key to student retention and success. This implies the need for an effective institutional-wide advising system that not only involves academic advising but instead considers how all different forms of advising and support services (career, personal, academic, etc) work in a seamlessly manner to support student success.

Accordingly, and as in the case of any profession, academic advising requires professional development opportunities which support academic advisors to continuously develop and grow their advising knowledge and skills to enable them to promptly respond to the dynamic environment of Higher Education and to the changing nature and needs of 21st century students.

This two day ‘hands-on’ program aims to identify the broad range of understanding, knowledge, and skills that support academic advising. It will acquaint participants with different strategies, tools and techniques to enhance their advising practices and consider how technology may be exploited to offer a better advising experience.

The workshop will reflect academic advising as a sub-set of a broader support system that is to be set by universities and which requires interdepartmental coordination in order to support student success.


Workshop Objectives

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend various advising philosophies, approaches and models and determine which are more suitable to you and your students.
  • Understand how academic advising fits into the wider institutional support system.
  • Integrate NACADA four pillars of academic advising into the institutional advising approach
  • Integrate the use of technology to improve your academic advising practice and to flip your advising approach
  • Use various principles and tools for assessing academic advising
  • Collaborate with fellow community members on developing and delivering cohesive learning experience to students.

Structure of Workshop

day 1

Session (1) Theories and Philosophies of Academic Advising

  • What is advising and what are the different types of advising available within HE
  • Advising philosophies , approaches and models
  • Advising students of the 21st Century: Global Trends
  • Foundations for effective academic advising
  • Understanding the advisor and advisee roles and relationship
  • Challenges in Academic Advising

Session (2) Understanding your Students and Addressing Their Needs

  • Comprehending the student life cycle
  • Understanding your students and working with diverse advisees
  • Advising freshmen students
  • Dealing with students with special cases (students on academic warning,
  • students with special needs, transferred students, international students, etc)
  • Cultivating collaboration between advisors, faculty and students
  • Personalizing your academic advising

Session (3) Developing your Academic Advising Skills

  • Skills and competencies for effective academic advising
  • The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA Academic Advising) Core Competencies Model
  • Interpersonal Skills in Academic Advising
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Advising

Session (4) Institutional Systems for Academic Advising

  • Structures for academic advising
  • Academic policies and their impact on academic advising
  • The Academic Advising Policy
  • Academic advising resources
  • Strategic Approaches to Working across Departments

day 2

Session (5) Technology In Academic Advising

  • Using technology to improve academic advising
  • Technological Tools in Academic Advising
    • Student Information Systems, LMS and System Generated Reports
    • Using social media and videos effectively to support advising
    • Using Students Portfolios
    • Data Analytics
  • Creating a flipped advising approach

Session (6) Evaluating Academic Advising 

  • Discuss basic principles of assessment of advising
  • Tools and techniques for assessing academic advising
  • Discuss best practices for assessment of academic advising
  • Consider challenges of assessment 

Target Audience

  • Academic Advisors
  • Directors and Staff working in Student Services Units including Career Advising, Counseling, Tutoring Centers, etc.
  • Heads of Academic Departments and Program Directors responsible for overseeing academic advising

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Narimane Hadj-Hamou

Founder and CEO, CLICKS, UAE