Governing Board Development Program

Program Overview:

The program is designed to enable members of different Governing Boards (Board of Governors/ Trustees, Board of Directors, etc.) from both private and public universities to increase their knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how they can guide, support and assess the institution effectively and efficiently. The program starts by providing participants with a generic overview of the context of governance in higher education, the different governance models and frameworks, the principles of good governance and the most common challenges and issues encountering good and participatory governance. Roles, responsibilities and obligations of the Governing Board will be discussed in details and how these support the key functions related to strategy formation, budget reviews and approval, institutional effectiveness, managing risks, etc. The program concludes by addressing the key criteria for successful Boards, and presents a framework on how to assess the efficiency of the overall board and the individual board members.

The program structure is designed to provide plenty of opportunities for participants to learn from one another and share experiences through group activities.

Target Audience: This program is intended at Governing Board members of both public and private higher education institutions as well as members of the executive management of Higher Education.