Competency-based learning is seen today as one of the innovative approaches that will drive the future of education; it allows students to progress at their own pace, while insuring students master the required skills and content leading to a reduction in both time to completion and the overall cost of a degree. This particular program will provide its participants with the required knowledge and skills to successfully develop and manage competency-based education (CBE) in their institutions. It will closely examine latest trends in CBE and discuss different opportunities and challenges it brings for institutions of higher learning in the region; in addition the program will focus on the critical principles for designing CBE including considering prior learning assessment, using competencies versus learning outcomes, rethinking how to measure learning, conduct assessment and undertake grading, re-defining faculty role and implementing competency coaching model, and approaches. The program will also discuss other matters related to supporting students and accreditors’ views and approaches on CBE model regionally and internationally.

Target Audience

Faculty members, teaching staff, instructional designers and leaders of teaching and learning centers interested in learning about Competency Based Education programs and course design. The program may also be of relevance to those leading and managing continuing education within universities and colleges.