Leadership in Higher Education

This program addresses new and emerging challenges of leadership in Higher Education management context and proposes ways that will help academic leaders steer the strategic direction of their respective institutions of learning with confidence and for achieving the desired goals and objectives. It will also encompass the distinctive macro and micro aspects that universities of higher education in the 21st century have to deal with, along with a major emphasis on the numerous essential dynamics that govern modern universities; this will include the examination of universities in the future operating as open system, the level of stakeholder influence, talent management, exploiting core capabilities and many more. As the figure illustrates, this program is designed to address a wide range of features instrumental in building innovative and quality institution and taking academic leadership to a new level. The program will also present the role of academic leadership in a Higher education context in a novel approach to reflect the unprecedented changes that universities are and will be facing in the future Target Audience : This program is intended at newly appointed leaders of higher education working in different academic, academic support or administrative units.