Develop your team’s leadership knowledge and skills with our flagship Summer Leadership Institute organized in either the UK and USA

If you are looking at grooming new leaders or broadening the skills and insights of your exsistig leadership team, CLICKS can work with your institution to organize Leadership Summer Institutes (LSI)in either the UK or the USA through leveraging with its different international partners.

The LSI is a unique comprehensive leadership program designed to address the needs of Higher Education Administrators from University Vice Presidents, Provosts and Deans to Heads of academic support and administrative departments.  It is focused on exploring what is required to be an effective leader within the specific context of higher education and helping participants meet those needs.

The LSI program consists of four day of intensive interactive sessions that cover five modules followed by a two day visits to specific HEIs.

The various modules serve at equipping participants with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence that will help them unlock their leadership potential and adopt new creative approaches; learn about strategies to address the 21st century trends and challenges facing the sector today; enable them to lead their institutions and departments more effectively and aid them transform culture to achieve better results.

The five modules are designed in a flexible manner that enables the Center to tailor them as required to the specific needs of the group attending the LSI based on the different leadership needs as well as issues they face in accordance to their positions. Similarly the site visits are scheduled to particular institutions to ensure these allow participants to learn from other experiences and perspectives. They may involve visits to a range of institutions including large comprehensive universities, community colleges, small specialized institutions, etc. based on the needs of the group.

Broadly the LSI aims at:

  • Providing an overview of the leadership landscape in 21st Century Higher Education and understand various trends and challenges impacting Higher Education today including those related to technology advancements, globalization, high competitiveness, greater accountability, etc.
  • Equip participants with the necessary skills as well as tools to enable them to reflect on, evaluate, and develop their leadership style and approaches.
  • Appreciate key factors and requirements that help create excellence in academic leadership.
  • Help participants lead with vision, purpose, and strategic insight their institutions and units.
  • Aid participants in understanding and overcoming the challenges of organizational change.
  • Work closely with participants in identifying practical strategies for establishing, organizing, and maintaining an effective working environment.
  • Improve talent management and team-leading skills.
  • Comprehend what effective and ethical leadership in higher education entails.
  • Develop and benefit from sit visits and learning from other institutions and colleagues in similar positions.

The flagship LSI development program is delivered by a number of eminent experts and scholars and caters usually for groups of no less than 10 participants and no more than 15.

There are three choices annually for the SLI to be organized and institutions may choose the most suitable one based on its staff summer plans.

Dates for upcoming SLI will be announced as soon as it is safe to travel again.