Brief about Naseej and MEDAD Cloud Platforms:

Who we are?
Naseej is a leading technology company committed to harnessing the power of digital transformation in learning & knowledge management by enabling our customers to provide rich experiences for their users and adapt to a dynamic technology landscape while reducing their technical burden, enabling them to focus on achieving their strategic objectives.

Naseej offers a wide range of digital transformation solutions for institutions across the Middle East, which include the region’s top academic and educational institutes, libraries and cultural centres, government organizations and large corporations.

How we’re paving the future of Higher Education?
Naseej provides Academic and Higher Education institutes with digital education technologies, comprehensive and integrated solutions and services designed to enable them to actively contribute to the success of their institutions and students.

The culmination of years of expertise gained by working with hundreds of clients since 1989 on diverse technology and digital transformation challenges enabled Naseej to gain deep insights and understanding of their true needs, challenges, and aspirations, and develop solutions to address those needs.

In this perspective, Naseej developed MEDAD Educational Cloud Platforms that facilitates learning and improves performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

Why MEDAD Cloud?
An initiative to support digital transformation in educational institutions, MEDAD Education Cloud Platforms provide universities and higher education institutions with the key systems they need to digitize operational processes under one integrated platform through:

  • MEDAD Learning Management Platform
  • MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform
  • MEDAD Training Management Platform
  • MEDAD Campus Management Platform

As a cloud service managed with best international practices and subject to utmost security and operational excellence standards, MEDAD Cloud fosters quality and ensures that all specific teaching, learning, accreditation, quality assurance frameworks at institution, department, school, or program levels are consistent with the institution-wide framework to reach for higher goals and help build a culture of success.

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