“In-house” Structured Online Courses To Support The Effective Transition To Online/ Blended Learning



Online and blended learning is expected to become incredibly popular over the next periodbeyond the pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced institutions around the globe toquickly shift to remote teaching to promote the continuity of learning during the lockdown that has affected more than 90% of the student population worldwide. The pandemic and this sudden transition is said to have disrupted education forever. The overall market for online education is projected to significantly increase in the next 3-5 years with more and more institutions planning to continue with some form of technology-enabled education.

With this sudden shift, many institutions did not have the luxury of time to carefully plan for their faculty and staff readiness nor to adequately train them to adjust to this new mode of learning. Many have provided the best possible support given the circumstances in the form of access to resources, crash training courses and webinars and internal workshops; but shifting online requires times and a specific set of skills and competencies for all those engaged in planning, designing and delivering the student experience. The remaining of the Spring Semester and Summer period may be a good time to carefully plan professional development programs.

The Center has designed 5 modular courses delivered in a hybrid mode that involves both a synchronous and asynchronous component. These range from 16- 26 learning hours and engage participants with structured activities and online quizzes to self-assess their knowledge and learning. These courses are delivered to institutions based on agreed upon timelines using Blackboard Collaborate.

1 Online Teaching Course
  • 21 Learning Hours (9 hours synchronous + 12 hours asynchronous)
  • 5 Modules
2 Managing Student Assessment in Online Learning
  • 18 Learning Hours (6 hours synchronous + 12 hours asynchronous)
  • 4 Modules
3 Designing for Online Learning
  • 26 Learning Hours (12 hours synchronous + 14 hours asynchronous)
  • 4 Modules
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4 Online Learning Beyond the Pandemic: The Leadership of Online Education
  • 18 Learning Hours (6 hours synchronous + 12 hours asynchronous)
  • 4 Modules
5 Strategic Planning in Higher Education
  • 18 - 21 Learning Hours (8 hours synchronous + 12 hours asynchronous)
  • 4 Modules
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Request an ‘in-house’ program by filling our Online Requirements Analysis Form available through our website at www.cli-cks.com. The purpose of submitting the form is to assist the Center in grasping a good understanding of the institution’s needs, the target audience, and the overall objectives intended from running the program. The form shall be filled by a person who possesses the necessary knowledge about the institution, the area of work the program will be tackling, and participants for whom the program is to be delivered.


Once the form is received, our team of experts will analyze your requirements and respond with a formal proposal (within 3-5 working days). Occasionally, the Center may contact the institution for further information or clarifications. The submitted proposal will include technical, logistical, and financial aspects.


Upon approval of the proposal by the institution, the necessary steps will commence to plan the delivery of the program(s) as per dates mutually agreed upon.


CLICKS will use its own LMS and technological platforms and tools to deliver the program online


CLICKS will produce a post–training report that will be sent to the institution.