How do you know if your students are achieving their course specific learning outcomes? How to assess different skills and competencies? When and how to assess students? How to improve both teaching and learning practices using different evidences? And what opportunities does technology offer for student assessment? Are the key questions this program will be addressing; throughout this program, participants will explore the principles and practice of integrating students’ assessment as part of the learning process. They will be involved in crafting learning outcomes and closely examine how these links to learning activities, content and most importantly assessment assessment. They will discuss pillars of good assessment and investigate strategies to assess student performance using formative and summative assessments. Different tools and techniques for conducting student assessment will be covered including the use of effective multiple choice, short answers, essay, matching, portfolios of learning, projects, etc. Special emphasis would be given to the design of test questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy.

The program will also address various strategies to provide constructive feedback aiming at improving learning, dealing with plagiarism and re-thinking assessment to improve student learning, teaching effectiveness and overall program quality.

Target Audience
This program is geared towards new and experienced faculty members wanting to enhance their assessment and teaching practices through evidences and looking at exploring latest trends including looking at potentials technology can offer in regards to student assessment.