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The challenge for any leader lies in understanding the critical success drivers for their institution and applying them effectively. Unfortunately, the majority of leaders are never given the chance to really examine these factors to discover any success inhibitors and their opportunities for accelerating future achievements. The result is that the success journey is much slower, more stressful and more di‑cult than it needs to be. Leading an education institution is challenging, it is diff­erent from a ‘normal business’ and there are some unique requirements that go with operating in your national and on the global stage. This exclusive program is designed for ambitious educational, research and academic leaders committed to: educational and research excellence, building sustainability and contributing overall to their nation.

During this intensive program, participants will have the opportunity to step back from their institution to evaluate what is working, what could be done better, and the various options for being more successful.

The following is a quick preview of the knowledge that will be introduced throughout the program:

  • Personal Vision–how to make sure that personal values, purpose and vision are aligned with your institutional direction ?
  • Strategic Impact–how to ensure strategic alignment inside and outside of your institution and how to make sure that every major action aligns with what your institutional aspirations are
  • The Successful Model – how to know if your institution is sustainable and will develop and leave a legacy
  • Transformational Leadership – how to be the best leader you can be in the service of your vision for your institute and those you most want to help
  • Quality Education – the critical drivers of a quality education culture that can stand anywhere in the world and the quality systems and processes that support this
  • Dynamic Innovation –how to innovate and stand out in the higher education world and utilize your strengths, qualities, skills and values
  • Leading Change Successfully – how to create a culture of continuous improvement where your people embrace change as the basis for a better future.

 Target Audience :

This program is designed for higher education institutional, research and academic leaders, deans and directors who have decision making capacity and responsibility for higher education institutions outcomes, quality and growth.