Portfolio of Capacity Building Programs

The Association of Arab Universities is a non-governmental organization that has an independent legal character. Its membership includes 240 Arab Universities at the present time. Following the approval of the AARU’s By-law by the Arab Le ague, a temporary Secretariat General was formed. In 1969, the First General Conference was convened in Alexandria and a resolution was adopted to designate a permanent Secretariat General.

The Association also maintains close relations with many national, regional and international institutions and organizations. Its permanent headquarters is in Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The association is created with the mission of “Assisting and coordinating the efforts of Arab Universities to prepare capable persons who can serve their Arab communities and preserve its unified culture and civilization, as well as to assist in developing its natural resources.”

The association has also set for itself a set of strategic objectives including:

  • Working to make Arab universities remain faithful and committed to the values inherent in the faith of Islam and its noble message, and to give due attention to the Arab and Islamic heritage. -Striving to make Arabic language the medium of instruction at Arab universities, and paying attention to other vital languages, as well as unifying scientific terms and translation in general.
  • Enhancing cooperation amongst Arab universities and institutes of higher education and coordinating their efforts with a view to realize the Arab national goals.
  • Cooperating with counterpart associations and institutions to raise the level of higher education, to promote joint research projects, and to exchange results thereof.
  • Enhancing cooperation between Arab and Islamic universities on the one hand, and other universities worldwide, on the other.
  • Coordinating efforts amongst Arab universities at international assemblies and conferences.
  • Supporting and encouraging mutual student activities amongst Arab universities.
  • Paving the way for cooperation amongst Arab universities in terms of teaching methods and facilities including libraries, laboratories and other relevant issues as well.
  • Cooperating to promote quality assurance and accreditation in the Arab Universities.