1st – 3rd of October, 2018 | Pullman Dubai City Center, Dubai-UAE

Program Overview

This 3 day interactive and ‘hands-on’ program aims at developing participants’ skills in regards to designing, implementing and managing program assessment programs and plans that lead to continuous improvement. This involve articulating measureable program learning outcomes, developing curriculum maps, selecting assessment methods, using various data collection and data reporting methods and the importance of considering results for program continuous improvement.

The program will begin by exposing participants to the fundamentals of program assessment, its purpose, benefits, and challenges and how to successfully develop and implement a program assessment program and plan including identifying the most appropriate program assessment methods and establishing criteria for success. It will also stress on the actual process of conducting assessment activities as well as on interpreting data and using results for continuous improvement.

Target Audience
This program is geared towards program administrators, heads of departments and faculty members involved with the design, development, assessment and review of academic programs. In addition to managers and staff members working in institutional research, quality assurance and institutional effectiveness offices.

Program Structure
Day One
Session (1): Fundamentals of Assessment

  1. Assessment definition and key components
  2. Levels of assessment (institutional/ program/ course)
  3. Purpose and benefits of conducting assessment
  4. Some of the key challenges
  5. Changing assessment focus from input to outcomes
  6. Program assessment ,accreditation and national qualification frameworks

Session (2): Defining mission, goals and learning outcomes

  1. The assessment process
  2. Developing program purpose or mission statement
  3. Articulating program goals and learning outcomes
  4. Curriculum maps
  5. Hands-on Exercise

Session (3): Designing your Assessment Plan- Managing the Process

  1. Developing an assessment framework
  2. Assessment Strategies and methods
  3. Direct and Indirect assessment
  4. Establishing criteria for success
  5. Data collection
  6. Assessing GE, co-curricular experiences and campus activities within the context of the program
  7. Practical Group Exercise

Session (4): Analyzing, Reporting and Using Results

  1. Understanding and analyzing results
  2. Using results for program revisions and continuous improvement
  3. Reporting results and providing feedback
  4. Practical Group Exercise


Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012, USA