Prof. Bastian Baumann is the Managing Director of EQAA, the European Quality Assurance Agency, which offers international accreditation of institutions and qualifications in higher education, TVET and other education and training providers. He is drawing on more than 15 years of international experience in various positions, with a specific focus on Europe, Middle East and North Africa as well as Central Asia.

His main areas of work are quality assurance and education reform implementation, qualifications frameworks, strategic management and development, and qualification design including learning, teaching and assessment methodologies.

Bastian regularly works for education institutions, quality assurance agencies, international organizations and public authorities to support and enhance the quality of their work. He conducts workshops, trainings and capacity building activities and acts as a reviewer and evaluator at systems and institutional and program level. He also works in a variety of projects, primarily offering expert advice.

Bastian has been involved as an expert in the development of the European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning and the National Qualifications Framework for Saudi-Arabia with the lead responsibility for all quality assurance related activities. These frameworks comprise all educational levels and sectors. In addition, he was an expert for the development of the European Qualification Framework for Higher Education and the German National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education.

He has developed the external quality assurance system of the Maldives for TVET and Higher Education. He has worked as a consultant for quality assurance agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Malta and Serbia to align their procedures and standards for external quality assurance in TVET and higher education to international best practice. He works as a reviewer for various quality assurance agencies in Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia. He also works as a reviewer of quality assurance agencies to evaluate their adherence with international standards. In addition, he works as a trainer for reviewers of quality assurance agencies. Furthermore, he has been developing the concept of the European register of quality assurance agencies (EQAR).

Bastian worked as a consultant for higher education institutions in various countries to establish and further develop their internal quality assurance systems. He also supported them in the preparation for external quality assurance, including self-evaluation processes.

Previously, Bastian has held various senior leadership positions in national and international organisations, including being the Secretary General of the Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights a member of the executive board of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)