Prof. Guner Gursoy

Prof. Gursoy has received his MSc. from Naval Postgraduate School, Moterey CA, USA and Ph.D. from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. He worked in several different universities and taught finance, busines analytics, supply chain courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. For his administrative responsibilities, he was assigned as a Department Head, director of Research Centers, director of Social Sciences Institute, director of Distance Education Center, Business and Administrative Sciences Faculty Dean and Vice Rector. In universities he was mainly involved with curriculum developments, quality assurance systems, education system transformation projects, educational technologies and distance education management, strategic planning and management in higher education and foresight workshops on higher education systems. He also worked professionally on system analysis & design, international project management, design with simulation, strategic logistics system development and management. In his research and consulting; he was involved with the blockchain projects for Ticketing Transaction Settlement System of airline companies as well as carbon system design. He is currently managing an Erasmus project on gamification system development for financial literacy. He is also involved in competency-based assessment and learning systems development as well as career management system development with the support of online badge education. He is also working on micro learning systems for white and blue collars in different industries.