CLICKS provides high quality, responsive and integrated services to Higher Education Institutions in areas related to QA, continuous enhancement and accreditation to help develop and sustain an institutional quality culture. Some of these services include:

  • Developing internal quality assurance systems
  • Aligning institutional policies, procedures and practices with accreditation requirements
  • Developing program assessment mechanisms and framework
  • Providing ‘hands-on’, specialist assistance to help institutions achieve the required standards, enhance efficiency and support continuous improvement.
  • Introducing the use of quality tools and techniques such as Six Sigma, the balanced scorecard, benchmarking and continuous improvement philosophy to ensure academic excellence.
  • Conducting maturity assessment and external audits

CLICKS may also support Higher Education Institutions with their efforts towards obtainment or renewal of accreditation whether at program or institutional level. Our team of international associates have extensive experience with the rigorous process of self-assessment, evidence gathering and documentation and the accreditation process overall. They possess both a deep understanding of standards and requirements of regional local accrediting agencies (i.e. the CAA in the UAE, NCAAA in KSA, OAAA in Oman, HERU in Bahrain, etc.)  as well as that  of several international accreditation agencies (i.e. Middle States Accreditation, SACS accreditation, QAA,  AACSB, ABET, etc.)

CLICKS may assist by assessing the readiness levels of institutions for accreditation (identifying gaps and areas of improvement), help develop plans and strategies for achieving accreditation, provide guidance and training to various staff members on aspects related to the accreditation process, conduct external reviews to prepare the institution for the site visit and even support new institutions with their establishment and licensing process.