Higher education institutions are now more than ever facing an increasingly complex, challenging and uncertain operating environment. These include among others: increasing demand for higher education concurrent with a budgetary constraints, dwindling resources, increasing demand for leadership and accountability, changing student demographics and learning preferences, the emergence of new and cost effective delivery models and the proliferation of technology and eLearning. In view of these challenges and the emerging paradigm affecting higher education landscape, universities are indeed compelled to re-evaluate their priorities and appropriately formulate strategies for sustainable performance. In view of the need to address these challenges, strategic planning has emerged as one of the most widely used and valuable management tools for assessing an institution’s internal strength and weakness and external opportunities and threats, articulating its vision and mission, facilitating the formulation of new strategies, identifying risks and priorities, allocating resources and setting critical measures for success.

This program will provide an interactive environment for executives to learn, apply and collectively share their experience while applying the tools and techniques of strategic planning through case studies and hands-on examples from similar institutions internationally. In addition to providing tools and techniques, the program will also engage the participants to think strategically taking into account the challenges affecting higher education institutions and work in teams to chart strategic scenarios for the future.

Target Audience:

 Effectiveness and strategic planning offices’ Directors and Managers working in Higher Education as well as deans of schools and colleges, heads of academic support and administrative units and all those involved with strategic and/ or departmental planning.