Strategic Planning: From Strategy Formation to Execution

CLICKS has both a depth and breadth of ‘hands-on’ experience in facilitating the development of strategic plans for the higher education sector. We work with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on delivering integrated, holistically-balanced, ‘fit for purpose’ planning services for institutions of all sizes. We work hand in hand with the Executive Leadership Team and various stakeholders to help Universities and Colleges set their strategic directions, improve operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving quality at all levels.

Our Principles and Approach

Our proven approach to strategic planning facilitation, development and implementation is built around the following principles:

  • We consider current and prospective operating environment and context by undertaking a detailed and focused analysis of the institution’s environment and emerging trends affecting Higher Education.
  • We rely on evidence based approaches, in-depth analysis and understanding of the institution rather than making assumptions. Our team will consider current capabilities, previous achievements and any gaps identified.
  • We adopt a pro-active, participatory and multi-level approach where various external and internal stakeholders are involved throughout the entire process and where feedback on any aspect influencing or impacting the development, implementation or monitoring of the strategic and operational plans is integrated.
  • We work with institutions to help define their competitive advantage and articulate their value proposition(s) rather than prescribe a strategy or a solution.
  • We strive to develop a holistic, clear and precise strategy that incorporates and integrates all aspects of the institution in a holistic view instead of individual silos.
  • We ensure that strategic plans developed are comprehensive, ‘fit –for purpose’, reality-based, action-oriented and aligned with institutional capabilities and resources.
  • We assist in determining clear performance measures and targets for reporting, monitoring and benchmarking which are agreed upon and the result of a consensus obtained from various discussions and deliberations.
  • We develop mechanisms to facilitate translating the strategic plans into action, enforce accountability and support resource allocation.
  • We are committed to build capacity by training and transferring ‘know-how’ to the institutions we work with in order to ensure the effective implementation of the strategic plan and the achievement of the desired results Strategic

Our Methodology

Whether your institution has already a strategic plan in place and simply requires external support to revisit it and ‘tune it up’, to develop tools and mechanisms to support the cascading of the strategic plan into action or is considering building capacity among your faculty and staff or whether it is looking at developing a comprehensive approach to the development and implementation of its strategic plan from scratch; our highly experienced team will be ready to assist by tailoring the right approach to address your particular institutional needs and requirements.

Our streamlined, ‘hands-on’ and collaborative methodology is designed to ensure that we respond to your needs while taking into account your institution’s context and particularities.

Typically our strategic planning will involve:

  • Context analysis- specific to the HE sector
  • Identifying competitive advantages and value proposition(s)
  • Consensus on Vision, Mission, Values
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Identification of external trends, events, and factors
  • Identification of strategic priorities
  • Determining goals and objectives with measureable time-framed targets
  • Implementation and operationalization plans
  • Monitoring and accountability mechanisms

Our Services

  • Strategy formulation

  • Full Strategic planning development

  • Strategic Planning ‘Tune up’

  • Translation of strategic plans into action

  • Development of tools and processes for monitoring
    the implementation, evaluation and
    revision of strategic plans

  • Performance management

  • Risk management strategies formulation Faculty
    and staff training and development

  • Institutional effectiveness and business
    process improvement