The Elite Academy

The Elite Academy aims to become a focal center in lifelong learning (LLL) that impacts the outcomes of health services in the region by promoting LLL and disseminating knowledge and best practices among the healthcare providers through the establishment of a network of competent experts, scholars and researchers, thus, enhancing the health services in the region.

The healthcare profession has witnessed a tremendous evolution due to the advancement of technology. The Elite Academy strategic objective is to provide a platform to all healthcare providers (i.e. dentists & others) to share their views, concerns and clinical cases, such approach will expose healthcare providers to the most advanced trends in the health professions, in addition to offering a series of innovative and applied training programs for dentists and other healthcare professionals. Considering that The Elite Academy vision is in line with the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions’ vision (CLICKS) in terms of knowledge dissemination and capacity building, the Elite Academy and Customized Knowledge Solutions’ vision (CLICKS)’ vision (CLICKS) entered in partnership to enrich their portfolio and program offerings. .