This program is designed to provide participants with theoretical and practical skills of using emerging technologies either in Higher Education or in Vocational Learning. Participants will learn about internet search tools, social media tools, mobile learning, learning management systems, use of audio and video, open educational resources, gaming technologies among others. The focus will be on providing a comprehensive overview of what constitutes such technologies and how they can best be pedagogically integrated to enrich students’ learning experience both in the class as well as outside of the classroom.

Participants will have an opportunity to discuss trends, limitations, and challenges of using these technologies, as well as engage in hands-on activities. Concepts related to learning design, building learning communities, assessment, etc. in light of recent technological and development will be addressed.


Target Audience :

This program is addressed at Deans of Schools/ Colleges, Heads of Departments, Faculty members and Teaching Staff interested in expanding their portfolio of pedagogical strategies through the adoption of emerging technologies for teaching and learning, in order to improve students’ learning experience by enabling richer engagement with content and interaction with faculty and peers. The program may also be of interest to directors and staff working in Teaching and Learning Centers or those involved in planning, selecting and acquiring educational technology solutions.