We are a comprehensive and leading training and consulting organization focused on the Higher Education sector. We are passionate about supporting Higher Education Institutions from across the globe to enhance their competitive edge, drive tangible outcomes, elevate quality and foster excellence, all making lasting sustainable impact


Through our skilled and dedicated team, our highly experienced network of international associates and our collaboration with leading international partners that share our commitment towards quality, values, and passion; we work with Higher Education Institutions to offer tailored, ‘fit for purpose’ and integrated knowledge solutions that address their unique needs and context. We assist through training and capacity building, mentoring, coaching, consulting and knowledge transfer across our six core areas of expertise.


Since our inception in 2012 we have been working with more than 180 Higher Education Institutions across 14 countries. We have a track record of designing, developing and delivering training programs to address the needs of the Higher Education Community wherever located. Through our range of public and in-house training programs we have trained participants from more than 35 countries. With time we aspire to become truly global