This ‘hands-on’ program is designed for those seeking funds to conduct research; throughout the program participants will get acquainted with the process of research grant writing and will be exposed to the predictable set of components research proposals must include, the review criteria that needs to be considered when planning a proposal to develop compelling and competitive proposals that have increasing chances of getting grants and the common mistakes in writing proposals along with tips and strategies to avoid them . They will also be exposed to the review process and some of the most common problems cited by reviewers .

Key topics addressed throughout the program include:

  1. Comprehending the Research Grant Writing Process
  2. How to identify potential funding resources
  3. Things to consider for strengthening the proposal
  4. Understand the types of information that are a “must” for every proposal/ application
  5. Recognize the most crucial elements of a proposal and how they fit together
  6. Write a Research Grant that stand out among competition: A Technical Checklist
  7. Common mistakes in writing applications grants
  8. Understanding how the review process work
  9. Problems and concerns commonly cited by reviewers

Target Audience
Research faculty , staff and scholars including doctoral students seeking to write research grants proposals for the obtainment of research grants nationally or internationally.