Dr. Connie Mitchell

Connie Mitchell is an Assistant Professor who currently holds two positions at Prince Sultan University: Vice Dean of Educational Services and Director of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). She is also a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She joined PSU in August of 2007. Since that time, she has been involved in a variety of committees, like Chairing the Institutional Learning and Teaching Committee. As Director of the TLC, she is responsible for providing professional development opportunities for faculty members, students, and administrative staff. She is the faculty advisor for the student council. She also serves as a reviewer for various entities like TESOL-CAEP; NCAAA; and SAQF. Her teaching experience expands over 24 years where she has predominantly taught English as a Second or Foreign Language courses, TEFL courses, or Linguistic courses. She is involved in her field of specialization via the different associations such as TESOL International, TESOL Arabia, TESOL Greece, AAAL, and in the past she was the Riyadh Chapter Representative for KSAALT-TESOL. She is also a member of the American Evaluation Association. Her research interest lies in professional development, quality assurance issues in higher education, linguistics, TESOL, TEFL, and program assessment.