The Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) has been established in response to the significant growth of higher education within the region and the increasing focus of educational institutions to drive academic excellence while remaining competitive through offering creative, customized and on-demand knowledge solutions. CLICKS develops unique expertise in supporting individuals’ academic learning life-cycle from the outset to the post-graduate development phase relying on the latest developments in higher education.

The philosophy of CLICKS is to provide sustainable education through innovative thinking, knowledge customized solutions, effective transfer mechanisms, mentorship and guidance on a continuous basis through partnership and relationship building. CLICKS also places strong emphasis on supporting institutions with internal capability building and with supporting the long term sustainable means for delivering high quality education and offering customized and suitable learning opportunities.


Our values guide us in all of our work and shape everything we do at the Center.

CLICKS is committed to serving its stakeholders by building its credibility and recognition based on strong and sustainable international capabilities and smart partnerships with credible and reputable international bodies, organizations and institutions.

Credibility & International Reputation

CLICKS is dedicated to developing unique customized knowledge solutions and services which reflect institutional needs and ensure relevance, ‘fitness for purpose’, contextualization and enables the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage.

Customized Knowledge Solutions

CLICKS is committed to delivering its mission through its longstanding dedication to quality and excellence in all its services and solutions while embracing a culture of continuous improvement.

Quality & Excellence

CLICKS is established around making innovation the lifeblood of its operations and with the objective of continuously introducing pioneering thinking through the use of technological support to enhance academic processes and encourage continuous growth.

Innovations and Pioneering Thinking

CLICKS aims at creating a culture that promotes the uptake of research on academic excellence and other related areas.

Customized Knowledge Solutions

CLICKS is determined to providing ample opportunities for growth and development of professionals working in the higher education sector at all levels.

Human Capital Development Focus

  • To develop and implement pioneering thinking for guiding the future of academic learning.
  • To support academic institutions in the development and effective deployment of strategies, policies and systems that enables the achievement of its intended outcomes and supports its continuous growth.
  • To assist Higher Education Institutions with accreditation and international recognition.
  • To provide institutional support to induce a culture of excellence and encourage the implementation of quality assurance through the academic life-cycle.
  • To support the continuous development of human capital employed in academic institutions at all levels.
  • To provide high quality customized knowledge solutions and services to enable ‘world –class’ positioning.
  • To act as the reservoir for best practice thinking and knowledge transfer in key areas of higher education.
  • To create international networking opportunities, and support the establishment of Centers of Excellence, Consortiums, Partnerships and Cooperation with reputable international organizations and institutions.
  • To facilitate the integration and implementation of technology enabled/enhanced education and assist in building e-learning internal capabilities.