VoHE group is an inclusive community of higher education practitioners and scholars who share a common passion for fostering quality, excellence and innovation in the field through discussing new emerging ideas, exchanging experiences and sharing resources and information.

We aim at:
  1. Providing an interactive platform among higher education experts from across the globe to share information and resources of relevance to the field
  2. Connecting people with common interests in the areas of teaching and learning, research, community engagement, quality assurance and other related topics
  3. Discussing emerging developments, trends and issues of common global interest
  4. Exchanging experiences and ‘know-how’ in support of peer learning
  5. Creating a ‘think-tank’ for higher education
  6. Practicing integrity and model ethical behavior via adherence to professional standards
Who Can Join?

We invite Higher Education practitioners and experts from across the globe to join us, including:

  • Faculty members and teacher staff
  • Researchers
  • Members of Universities and Colleges’ Executive Management
  • Representatives from Ministries of Higher Education and Accreditation Agencies as well as Policy makers
  • Educational technologist
Be Active?

As a member of the VHE Group; you play a pivotal role in ensuring the group remains active. You may contribute through:

  • Posting relevant and useful resources
  • Presenting new ideas or issues for discussions
  • Commenting or contributing to existing discussions
  • Facilitating or attending one of our live sessions
  • Growing our community by inviting your peers