House of Montrose Limited

House of Montrose Limited was founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting the need for international quality qualifications, capacity building courses, research and consulting services in the Higher Education and business sectors.

It operates under three distinct divisions which include:

  1. House of Montrose Education Consultants (HoMEC) which designs international quality higher education qualifications, and provides capacity building education and training consultation services for the government, business and all education sectors. It specializes in the provision of all aspects of higher education qualification design and development and support clients by building their qualification and training products, staff capability, research outputs and teaching and learning quality assurance systems.
  2. The New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute (NZCDI) is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Registered and Approved Course Owner organization. It designs qualifications and has these approved by NZQA, then delivered through selected Higher Education partners in New Zealand and other countries.
  3. House of Montrose Business Consultants (HoMBC) provides consulting services in business management and leadership capacity building education and training services for a range of business sectors. This includes the provision of planning, systems, capacity building and the monitoring and evaluation of business outcomes with a view to continuous improvement.