Carolyne Creel is the Executive Director for Curriculum and Professional Development in the Fort Worth Independent School District. During her tenure in the District, she served as the Director of Social Studies, Coordinator of Assessment, Professional Developer at the Keystone Writing Institute, and as a social studies teacher. In addition to her work in Fort Worth, Creel served as the Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability at the Region XI Service Center. She has worked with over 80 districts and charter schools.

Creel holds a Bachelor’s of Arts (University of Arkansas), a Masters of Adult and Continuing Education (Texas A&M University) and Mid-Management Certification (University of Texas at Arlington). She is certified in Texas to teach Speech Communication and Social Sciences. Her extensive professional learning portfolio offerings include assessment alignment, depth of knowledge, curriculum design, professional learning communities, adult learning theory, coaching, cooperative learning, and social studies pedagogy.

Creel has presented at several major conferences including the Texas Council for Social Studies (The Story of Islam, 2005), the National Social Studies Supervisors Association (Celebrating the Cultural Diversity of Islam, 2004), and the Texas Council for the Social Studies (Understanding Islamic History, 2004).

Creel’s many honors include the Texas Social Studies Supervisor of the Year and the National Social Studies Supervisor of the Year.