Leadership Mentorship Program

A great deal of our learning and development at work happens outside formal training. In fact several studies suggests that managers and leaders learn more than 70% of their role on the job, 20% through networking and just 10% through formal training and coursework Coaching and mentoring provide alternative and highly effective development opportunities for staff to work through knotty issues, gain insights and achieve goals.

Leadership Mentorship Program (Level of Heads of Departments and Deans)

The aim of the one to one mentorship program is to provide confidential, non-judgmental and constructive support to enable the mentee to develop  and grow their leadership skills in whatever way they perceive to be most appropriate to their specific context and circumstances (both personal and institutional). Mentorship helps filling skills gaps rather than teaching specific new skills through exposing mentees to the mentor’s experiences and way of thinking and provides them with insider tips at a personal level.

Mentoring brings several benefits not only to the mentee but also to the institution as the whole as good mentorship program lead to higher job satisfaction, better job retention, more confidence among staff, etc.

Mentors assigned by CLICKS are usually experts from among its international network of associates who have been appointed in the past in a similar position, or who were or are working at a more senior role. They are carefully selected on the basis of the significant contribution and track they possess as well as the accumulated reservoir of knowledge and expertise to guide and provide assistance to his or her mentee.

The mentorship program involves specific sessions where mentors and mentees meet virtually to discuss specific issues and matters using various virtual platforms provided by the Center or other communication tools such as Skype. The mentoring program follows a ‘pull-system’ and is thus based on the needs of the mentees.

Mentoring programs may also be appropriate for future leaders being groomed to assume a leadership role.

Mentors are assigned for durations of 3, 6 or 9 months as per the following:

Mentorship Duration No. of Dedicated Hours Cost
3 months mentorship program An average of 8 hours a month 3,000 USD per participant
6 months mentorship program 10 hours a month 5,000 USD per participant
9 months mentorship program 12 hours a month 7,500 USD per participant

Table: Mentorship Program Average Rate